Sala Alfonsetti, Betanzos

The “Alfonsetti” was one of the oldest cinemas in Spain, sharing the “Santo Domingo” cloister, with the “Mariñas” Museum. But the cinema had been closed for years, and lack of use and maintenance were causing rapid deterioration.

With a very tight budget, we were asked for a restoration project, including the complete emptying of the hall and cloister annex spaces, and its conversion into a multifunctional center as Auditorium and Exhibition Hall.

The intervention simplified spaces of lobby and cloister wing. Singular elements, such as the gallery and box seats of old “Alfonsetti”, were reproduced, and others like stone arches and baroque doorways, or concrete slabs from the 70s (hidden after previous interventions), were recovered and valued. Special emphasis was placed on formal simplicity, functionality, and acoustic quality.